Why Am I Doing This?

Baseball cards taught me how to read. Seriously. My grandfather taught me how to read using baseball cards.

I grew up, like many young kids, memorizing box scores and league leaders and then sometime after college baseball and I lost each other.

I still rooted for my hometown Yankees and at the time adopted hometown Cubs but not until last year (2006) did it hit me how much I missed being really into baseball.

So I started playing Fantasy Baseball – and listening to Corey and Mike on MLBRadio’s Fantasy 411 and watching every game I could on MLB.tv and reading Baseball Prospectus. And because of all this I fell in love with the game again and cheering for players that aren’t necessarily on my favorite teams but are on my "teams."

And so I thought in the spirit of Sam Walker, Corey "Stats" Schwartz, Mike Schiano, Jeffery "Coco" Ma, Going Postal, Jeanne in Hollywood and every player that is DTM or YPNM that this blog could chronicle my second year trip through fantasy baseball.

My plan is chronicle it all – my pre-draft thoughts, how the drafts turn out, the players I like and those that I don’t like, the advice I read and hear and the mistakes I will make. I will be playing in four Yahoo leagues and will share those league links and my team rosters on this site.

So wish me luck and here we go…


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