Answering the Bell

Say what you want about the first couple of days of the NCAA tournament but the first day of baseball just flat out rocks (except for someone I know who is currently dating a major league player – she told me yesterday that Opening Day is the saddest day for her because it means her man will be traveling a lot).

Yesterday was all about MLB.TV Mosaic – flicking my eyes between six games faster than a rabbit getting "proper" chased in Snatch. While the day ended well for Yankee fans (hands in the air like we just don’t care) and not for Red Sox fans (sorry, honey) it was great to see the Boys of Summer (except Sammy Sosa) taking their cuts.

Even though after one day my team sits in 7th place (out of 12th) there is no need for panic – and my peace of mind comes as a result of Jose Contreras. Pitching like the White Sox just picked him up off waivers from the Tri-Village Little League, my boy Grady Super Sizemore led off the Indians season with an absolute smash to the right field bleechers. He added three runs to his MVP resume before the South Side finally saw the end yesterday. Travis "Krunk" Hafner also played Ike and Tine Turner with Contreras to the tune of three runs and an RBI.

The only poor showings for the team came from Erik Bedard (he’ll get better…actually he BETTER get better) and Brad Lidge (we may have to send to Tri-Village Little League to complete the Contreras deal). Thinking that Garner may be about to smash the gong on Lidge I picked up Dan Wheeler this afternoon as he would replace Brad "Is He On the" Lidge "Yet." To pick up Wheeler I dropped "I Play Every Position" Ty Wiggington, my 2007 Luis Gonzalez – a guy I will probably pick up and drop 79 times this year.

Speaking of picking up guys, here are the waiver wire wonders I have on my "Watch List." As it will help me keep track of them, we will also track their seasons on the blog.  So let’s give a warm round of applause to:

Troy Tulowitzki, SS (COL)

Matt Murton, OF (CHC)

Reed Johnson, OF (TOR)

Ty Wiggington, 1B, 2B, 3B, OF (TB)

Jose Lopez, 2B (SEA)

Mike Jacobs, 1B (FLA)

Corey Hart, OF (MIL)

J.J. Hardy, SS (MIL)

Matt Kemp, OF (LAD)

Pitchers to come tomorrow. Enjoy day two of season everyone!


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